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Mahmoud Azzam Mohammad, Baniabdelrahman Abdallah

Article ID: 5388
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Abstract:This study investigated the effect of “Think-Talk-Write strategy” on English as a Foreign Language (EFL) tenth-grade students' writing performance. A quasi-experimental design with two groups was employed. The researcher randomly assigned two whole sections of grade 10 from Al-Kharaj Secondary School for Boys. The first section was chosen as the experimental...
Glen Currie, Tracii Ryan

Article ID: 5295
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Abstract:The engagement of students is a recognised challenge for teachers. Technology offers some practical student engagement tools, and this paper examines the use of low-stakes online tests and immediate dialogic feedback to improve behavioural engagement. The academic exploration of low-stakes tests and dialogic feedback has been extensive, and they are credible...
Khodadad Kaviani

Article ID: 5404
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Abstract: This paper argues for the adoption of concept attainment strategy when teaching math and shows the structure of this curriculum design that can substantially improve math instruction and comprehension in K-12 education.  Initial findings based on informal surveys of teacher candidates indicate many of them do not have a clear understanding of the concepts...
Athar Ullah

Article ID: 5449
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Abstract: To remove obstacles in the path of ‘Education for All’, the government of India launched several programs, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) being one of them. Despite several attempts, the government has failed to be successful in providing education to all students and the impact of such schemes has not been very good at the ground level. In India, children a...
Okadigwe John Chukwujekwu

Article ID: 5487
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Abstract: The objective of this study was to experimentally evaluate children's daily food memory and eating habits. The study found that the gender and school location had an impact on the nutritional condition of primary school students as well as the school food scheme. The investigations were based on three hypotheses and three research question...