The Effect of “Think-Talk-Write” Strategy on EFL Tenth-Grade Students' Writing Performance

Mahmoud Azzam Mohammad (Yarmouk University)
Baniabdelrahman Abdallah (Yarmouk University)

Article ID: 5388



This study investigated the effect of “Think-Talk-Write strategy” on English as a Foreign Language (EFL) tenth-grade students' writing performance. A quasi-experimental design with two groups was employed. The researcher randomly assigned two whole sections of grade 10 from Al-Kharaj Secondary School for Boys. The first section was chosen as the experimental group with (20) students, and the second as the control group with (20). To achieve the purpose of the study, a pre/post writing performance test was designed. In addition, Think-Talk-Write (TTW) strategy was used to teach the experimental group, whereas a control group was taught by the conventional teaching strategies, as suggested in the teacher's book. Results revealed that TTW strategy enhanced students’ writing performance. In light of the research results, the researcher recommends to use TTW strategy on other genres of writing.


EFL Jordanian students; Reading performance; TTW Strategy

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