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Environmental Impact on Early Years Learning, Development and Health

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Xiuye Xie, Xiaoping Fan, Tanjian Liang

Article ID: 5363
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Abstract: The purpose of this study was to review intervention studies on school-based physical activity programs in early childhood to identify the gaps and future trends in this topic. Forty-one quantitative experimental studies were identified from nine electronic databases using predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria. All...
Mancheng Lei, Siman Lei, Yan Wang, Tanjian Liang

Article ID: 5324
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Abstract: Dance and movement encourages socialization promoting children's social and emotional skills. This study aimed to examine the impact on the SEL of children after a weekend dance program.  METHOD : This study employed a quasi-experimental controlled trial design with 60 children aged 5-6 in Fujian Province, China. Participants were ra...
Mancheng Lei, Siman Lei, Tanjian Liang, Wenxin Xia, Paul Ballard

Article ID: 5519
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Abstract:This research investigates the intricate relationships between socioeconomic status (SES) and physical play in early childhood development within the unique context of Macau. Our study reveals that parental education levels are associated with conducive home environments for child development, characterized by larger play spaces, diverse toys, and increased ...