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Md. Abdul Halim, Nusrat Nasir Nimnee

Article ID: 3254
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Abstract: Using a qualitative research approach, the current analysis aimed to investigate the COVID-19 pandemic's effect on Bangladesh's higher education from the viewpoint of students. The report comprises a survey of 300 students from higher education institutions.  Convenient sampling method is used to pick fifty university students for the study in order to co...
Jing Cai

Article ID: 3673
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Abstract: In the new era a new more effective family education model can ease unbalanced and inadequate education development. In the new era, parents look forward to a more personalized, active and interactive form of family education guidance. This new guidance model will start with improving behavior by focusing on emotional behavior and cognition. The Roast can...
Ouyang Lei, Tanjian Liang, Xiuye Xie, Sonja Rizzolo

Article ID: 2628
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Abstract: Higher education institutions invest a significant amount of resources every year to recruit new students. However, higher education administrators have been continuously facing challenges in enrollment management due to the demographic shifts, dramatic increases in educational costs, intense competition among institutions, and the uncertain nature of hum...
Mulusew Minuyelet Zewdie, Zeleke Damtie Almaw, Mamaru Gashaw Kebede

Article ID: 3400
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Abstract: Group work is a form of voluntary association of members benefiting from cooperative learning, which enhances the total output of the activity. Therefore, group discussion is a way for active participants to explore new ideas. Based on the previously observed practices in 4 th year civil engineering students at Debre Markos University, the...
Jim Perry, Amanda Sames, Susan Galatowitsch

Article ID: 3501
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Abstract: Internationalization of higher education has widespread benefit to society and has become the expected norm. The literature offers many calls for and models of comprehensive internationalization. Society expects higher education graduates to be global ready when they graduate. Responsible citizenship and professional life require that peopl...