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Khaing Khaing Lwin

Article ID: 2881
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Abstract:The paper presents the comparative study on numerical methods of Euler method, Improved Euler method and fourth-order Runge-Kutta method for solving the engineering problems and applications. The three proposed methods are quite efficient and practically well suited for solving the unknown engineering problems. This paper aims to enhance the teaching and lea...
Doreen Ahwireng, Yegan Pillay

Article ID: 2672
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Abstract: Responding to an increasingly globalized world, universities are training students to function in a multicultural environment through internationalization. Institutional culture can influence policies and practices for internationalization. Research in internationalization indicate that majority of the studies on the contributions of organizational cultur...
Pedro Antonio Sánchez-Escobedo

Article ID: 2356
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Abstract: This paper reflects upon existing conceptual controversies regarding high ability students in Mexico. A taxonomy of high ability students is proposed with the aim to provide clarity between the categories of talented and gifted students. Differences in services needed in each category are addressed considering implications for teacher training and educati...