Higher Diploma Program in Ethiopian Higher Education: Instructors’ Perception and Perceived Practices in Jimma University and Jimma College of Teachers Education

Tewodros Asmare Tefera (Mettu University)
Wudu Melesse (Jimma University)

Article ID: 4254

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/jiep.v4i3.4254


The study investigates the perception and perceived practices of Higher Diploma program (HDP) in the Jimma University and Jimma College of teachers’ education using a cross-sectional survey design comprised of questionnaire and interviews. The data were collected from 91 instructors, and 3 higher diploma leaders (HDLs) who were selected through lottery sampling and 2 higher diploma coordinators (HDCs) who were selected using availability sampling methods. The finding revealed the importance of the HDP (M=4.3, SD=0.91) though the perception of the HEI instructors differ before coming, and after coming to the HDP. Though the study indicated as the trained instructors are applying the knowledge and skill, which they have acquired from the HDP training, the HEIs are not following the actual practices of the training. The study found out that the HE instructors’ perception had a significant correlation with the practices of HDP (r=.694, p=0.00<0.01) having a moderate effect size (δ=0.48). The findings call for the proper implementation of the HDP for the betterment of the program and to achieve the intentions of the HDP.


Perception; Perceived Practice; HDP; Higher education; Instructors

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